Marketing lessons from my daughter’s dance recital

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my little girls dance recital. She did awesome, and the little 2 year olds in tutus were cracking everyone up. In the midst of the cuteness, I couldn’t help but see some lessons in there that business’s might find helpful. So here are a few thoughts:

  • Follow the leader, not the person following the leader. If  you follow the person following the leader, you are behind.
  • Exaggerated moves are good, but they might throw you off balance and make you look bad. Be careful.
  • Being in step might be expected, but the audience finds the person out of step most interesting.
  • Standing apart from the group makes you noticed. Standing too far apart makes you odd.
  • If you are even slightly behind everyone else, it looks bad.
  • Looking like you know your part, even if you don’t, is important. Attitude sells it.
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