Brushing off the dust of my blog

You know how sometimes in life you put something down without realizing it? I am realizing in this increasing busyness that I call life that sometimes I stop doing something that I never actually intended to stop doing, it just sort of happens. This is the case with blogging. I have always liked writing, thinking, sharing, venting, challenging and hanging out with people in the digital sphere, so I never intended to stop blogging. Somehow in the midst of kids, adopting, growing a company, sleeping and living I stopped spending time with my digital friends and got lazy in my thinking.

So, after a motivational conversation with a friend last night I’m brushing off the dust of my blog and going to start writing again. But, I feel I should make a few things clear about what I will doing and writing about moving forward.

First, I’m not interested in growing a readership. If one person (me) reads my blog and no one else I’m fine with that. I have fallen into the trap of trying to grow and audience before, and I did meet some cool people doing that, but ultimately that is a wrong motivation and becomes a let down.

Second, I’m not really writing as much for you as I am writing for me. I don’t have the false assumption that I’m wise or otherwise more unique than any number of other bloggers out there. In fact, I think the opposite, I’m pretty plain. I have some different perspectives on many things that will set me apart from many in our culture, but the fact is, I’m still not as smart as many other guys out there talking about some really good stuff. So, I’m writing for me, because I recognize that I have at least a little bit to contribute to this world (in terms of thought) and this is a my way of working out my thinking as a write.

Third, I’m going to write about what interests me. In the past I have written everything from devotions, to theology, to marketing and leadership. Moving forward I will likely sprinkle in a bit of that, but first and formost I will write about what I’m observing and learning. That will likely include posts about productivity, getting up early, planning, life, and yes at least a little theology here and there.

So I guess that’s it. There is my line in the sand, another starting point as it were. I’m going to be thoughtful and intentional. I’m not going to post something just to have something out there, I’m going to post something because its good and it interests me. I would say to expect great things coming, but that seems like a big over promise. So, expect to read what I’m thinking, nothing more and nothing less and we will see where the road takes us.

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