The feeling of a shiny, new, cheap toy

You remember the feeling. The anticipation of knowing that you were going to get a new toy and then the exhilaration once you got it. Like all kids, you were pumped and you played with that bad boy like it was pure gold. Remember the next morning after getting it? You would wake up and once the grogginess wore off, you remembered that you have a new toy that needs to be played with! You would race to find it, grab it, and have a blast. Like so many things, that sensation dissipated and eventually left all together over time. The kid in you misses that, I know I do, but the kicker of this little stroll down memory lane? That toy was probably $5 or less.

I guess my point (to myself) is this, remember that my kids are so easily pleased with even the smallest of gifts, and with that in mind, buy them some junk every now and then. Remember, it can always find its way into the trash after the joy of the toy wears off.