How to know when you are winning

When I was in seventh grade I was the most amazing basketball player you had ever seen. I was taller than the other kids and was basically a young Michael Jordan, or so I thought. My perception of myself and reality were not quite aligned, unfortunately. Looking back now I can honestly say that in the 5 or so seasons of basketball that I played as a kid, I can’t recall making one basket during a game. I’m sure I made at least one, but you get the idea, I was terrible.

As an adult, I have done a decent amount of public speaking and often my lovely wife is there to hear it (or endure it). Often I will get off the stage feeling like I have bombed and then my wife will tell me it was the best I have ever done.

My point is, from sitting in the drivers seat of your life, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you are winning or just fooling yourself. So, it’s critical to have people around you that can help you sort through what is real and what is in your own mind.

The only way to know when you are winning is to ask a trusted advisor close to the game of your life. By asking someone the right questions, you will grow in new and surprising ways.

photo credit: Hinchcliffe via photopin (license)

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