I write notes about my kids. Here’s why.

I recently restarted an old habit of writing notes about my kids. Some time ago I realized two basic things, my memory is terrible, and my kids do some awesome stuff that I don’t want to forget. So, the only thing that makes sense is to stop trusting my memory for these precious stories and just write them down.

I’m in the process of creating a habit of writing a kid story every 2 – 3 days. When it’s time to write one I just sit down and think about the funny, cute, or interesting things that one of my kids has done in the past few days, and I try to write about that.

Here is an example of a kid story I wrote today:

About 10 days ago we had our upstairs furnace replaced. Then, about the time the holidays kicked into gear it stopped working, and to date I can’t get the company that replaced it to call me back. It’s been in the low 30’s at night and gets cold upstairs. So, one night I went upstairs and found the girls both sleeping in Sara Kate’s twin bed (to stay warm). Then, last night, knowing it would be cold, they asked to both sleep in her bed again, and of course I let them. I love how they love one another. I wish I had that as a kid.

And here is a photo and note that I snapped years ago. Looking back and seeing this brought back some great memories.

Anna Ruth likes to hold someone’s hand in the car

I like to use Evernote for writing my kid stories. Using it I can write, put in a photo, or even have audio recorded and saved.

My hope is that one day these memories can be enjoyed by the whole family. I hope to have a pile of information I can share with my kids about how things were when they were little. Who knows, maybe one day I can share these stories, photos and files with my grandchildren as well.

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