I’m enjoying Twitter again, here’s how

I have always had an on again off again relationship with Twitter, but mostly off. I never really got into it or figured out how to use it well. I tried making lists to better manage the hundreds of people I was following, but it never seemed to work. Then I read this post, and it made me realize that I was trying to follow way to many people, and I had to rethink my approach.

So, I unfollowed almost everyone, sorry. I decided how I want to use Twitter and then followed the right people for that purpose. I want to be up on the latest news and digital marketing info, and see posts that are fun, funny or interesting. Based on this criteria I now mostly follow news outlets,  comedians, general interest users and some friends that are thought leaders in their space. I keep up with all of my other friends on Facebook. I have given up on Twitter lists completely as well.

Now that I have severally reduced who I’m following, I enjoy using Twitter again and find it to be a useful tool rather than an overwhelming distraction. I even like and retweet things, which is something I virtually never did before. This tells me that I’m finding much more value on the platform. I have also noticed myself going to Twitter now for news instead of Feedly, which was unexpected.

How do you use Twitter?