The one thing I learned in a 5-minute conversation with Louie Giglio 16 years ago

When I was in college during my sophomore year, I attended 7:22, a Bible study led by Louie Giglio. I enjoyed it, so I decided to volunteer there as well. Every Tuesday I would leave Georgia Tech early in the afternoon and head up to 7:22 to get set up and help run the merchandise table. At the time the main thing we sold were CD sets of Louie’s past talks and some books. Yes, CD sets, I feel old…

Because I was a volunteer I was invited to the volunteer Christmas party and it was at this party that I met Louie Giglio face to face. We had a five-minute conversation (or less) and what I learned during that conversation that still affects me today.

To win in conversation, focus on the person in front of you and listen intently. I was in a room with more than a hundred people. All of them wanted to talk to Louie. But, when he and I talked he focused intently on me and what I was saying. It was like no one else was even in the room. I have met many important people that talked to me while looking over my shoulder to find a more important person to talk with instead, but not Louie, the intensity of his focus made an impression that I think about to this day.

During that conversation, I could tell that he was listening and that he genuinely cared. As a college student, talking to a famous pastor that surprised me and encouraged me. It made me want to make other people feel that way when I talk to them. Because of Louie Giglio, when I talk to people I try to focus intently on them, giving them my complete attention.

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