5 things blogging makes me thankful for

Blogging on a regular basis has taught me a lot. It has also made me thankful for some things. I’m thankful for:

  1. Good content. The best way to write good content is to read good content. I love reading good books, news, blog posts, etc. to sharpen my thinking and challenge me.
  2. Friends that blog. I feel like blogging is a team sport to be most effective. It’s hard to remain fully dedicated to it without someone else that is also dedicated to their blog.
  3. Challenges. I’m learning that I thrive on challenge and my blog is a great place to talk about those challenges and explore new ones I’m thinking about. It’s also good for accountability.
  4. Being present. Blogging forces me to be present all of the time so that I can write about what I’m learning.
  5. The shift from consuming to producing. There is a fundamental difference in how you live when you are living to consume versus living to produce. Blogging helps me to focus on producing, new ideas, deeper insights, etc.


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