Perfect moments

Yesterday I took my son to his first official Georgia Tech football game. We started by tailgating with old friends and then walked over to the game. As we approached the stadium the marching band started playing our fight song. There I was, walking with some of my closest friends from school and my son, approaching the stadium, singing the Georgia Tech fight song from start to finish to start my son’s first game. It was a perfect moment.

I think we have more perfect moments like this than we realize, but the speed of our lives prevents us from noticing them. A perfect moment might be sitting across your child on their birthday with the realization they will never have another 6th birthday breakfast again. Or, a perfect moment might be a date with your spouse where you flashback to what I was like to date them years ago.

It’s being present enough to recognize these perfect moments that is hard. But, when you recognize them, they are magic.

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