3 Item Challenge – Day 10

So far the 3 item challenge has been embarrassingly easy. I have been working through my closet and giving away clothes that should have left my life long ago. For instance, yesterday I started looking at the dress pants in my closet. I have held onto these pants for ten years thinking that I may wear them one day, or that they may actually come back into style. But, my life as part of a creative agency doesn’t lend itself to a need for dress slacks, so they had to go. 

The thing that is surprising about doing the 3 item challenge is that I find my desire to get rid of three items daily easily greater than my desire for stuff, which has kept this junk in my possession for so long. I love a challenge and a commitment I can be accountable for. This challenge has been just what I needed to get myself moving in the direction of simplicity and I love it.

I look forward to the next 10 days. I’m sure my decisions will get tougher, but I’m also sure I won’t miss the items that I never use anyway!

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