People are so interesting

Thursday afternoon I dropped off our family can at the dealership and caught the shuttle back to my house. The guy that drove me home was Misal. Misal is an Indian name, but Misal is not from India, he grew up in Zimbabwe and just one year ago immigrated to the United States. He is working at the car dealership hoping to go from parking cars and driving the shuttle and eventually work his way up into management.

We also talked about his passion, 60’s and 70’s Mustangs. This is a subject I know enough about to stumble through a conversation for our 15-minute drive and I enjoyed talking about it. He told me that a fully restored and updated 60’s Mustang costs around $90k, which we both agreed was a ton of money, but I think Misal is a go getter and can have that car one day if he wants it.

Sometimes it’s easy to discount people, assuming I have little in common with them. I’m glad I didn’t do that on Thursday. I have a lot in common with this man and hearing his story and about how difficult it was to immigrate to the US was humbling.

I saw Misal again when I picked up my car yesterday. I called him by name, hoping to pronounce it correctly (and I think I did) and shook his hand. I hope to get a chance to talk to him again someday.

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