48in48 Boston

I’m here at 48in48 Boston, it’s day 2, and things are going great. The teams are working, building websites for nonprofits. The nonprofits are going through our Snack and Learn (mini-conference) and learning about digital marketing. Everything is running smoothly because of our amazing team, so I’m taking a moment to appreciate that and blog about it. Here are some photos from the event so far:

It is humbling to be a part of what is happeing with 48in48. We are making an impact on nonprofits and volunteers far beyond what Jeff and I dreamed when we started it. I have heard more than one person describe being a part of 48in48 as life changing, a statement that still floors me as much as it humbles me. 48in48 has been successful because of our team, a team that is willing to go after something impossible. And, amazingly, that team achieves the impossible time after time.

I can’t wait to see how 48in48 grows over the next several years and how many lives it changes. I am thoroughly enjoying the ride and continually thankful for it.

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