On getting corrections

I had a conversation with my oldest daughter the other night that impressed me. I had picked her up from ballet, and we were chatting while driving home. I asked her how the class went. She said, “it was great, I got a lot of corrections!” I asked, “and corrections are good?” To which she responded, “yes, it shows that the instructor is paying attention to me and it helps me to get better.” I could not be more proud of her attitude.

My daughter has figured out something that took me years to learn. Corrections make us better! While some kids might want to fly under the radar and not be noticed, that’s not good enough for my girl. She wants to be noticed, and she wants to be corrected. She wants this because she wants to improve.

Thinking about this has me wondering how I can get more corrections. I get them from mentors and at times from close friends. But, I wonder if there is a better way to get corrections from my team so that I can improve more quickly. I wonder how I can get corrections from my kids so that I can better parent them. I wonder how I can get corrections from my wife to better learn how to serve her and love her.

I think the simple solution is to just ask the following questions:

  • What do I do that you love?
  • What do I do that you don’t love?
  • How can I better help you?

I’m still thinking through this, but I think at least these questions will give me a good starting point. Hopefully, I can get some good corrections that will help me to improve.

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