Building Communities

I love how communities pop up in different areas of my life. Right now my girls are in the midst of performing in seven Nutcracker ballet shows over four days. While the girls are performing, my oldest son and I work the show building props and working backstage during the shows.

This experience could be drudgery. It could be exhausting, busy and unenjoyable work, but it’s not. The community that has popped up around the shows makes it fun. I look forward to working with the same dads each year, loading and unloading the truck and working backstage. We catch up, talk football and enjoy being around one another. My son also loves it, and the guys like having him there. He gets to help build things, assemble props, drive the remote control bed (which I also love to do), and work backstage during the shows. The guys have embraced him there, giving him a good group of men to learn from and grow up around.

I find that communities like this pop up everywhere. At 48in48, church, school, ballet performances, etc., you can find them. The question is whether or not I will join them and become a part. I can’t be a part of every community I’m around, but I’m certainly thankful for my fellow ballet backstage dads and the community I find there.

Where are some interesting places you find community?

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