The things I hope for my kids

As I watch my kids grow up, their struggles and triumphs, I can’t help but think about my own life, make some comparisons and draw some conclusions. Lately, I have thought a lot about what I hope for my kids as they become adults. This list isn’t complete; it’s a starting point.

These are some things I hope for my kids.

Great Friends

I have been blessed to have many friends from elementary school that I still consider close friends today. I also have many friends that have changed the course of my life that I have met in the last five years. Great friends add so much value to life, not just by adding fun, but also by helping us to be better people. I also want my kids to be great friends for others. I think being a great friend is one of the best things any of us can aspire to be in life.

Great Spouse

My wife is amazing, and has put up with a lot from me! I can’t imagine anyone else that would have done some of the crazy stuff I have done. Stuff like moving to Atlanta when she wasn’t even finished with college in Tennessee. Stuff like starting a church in Decatur with virtually no help (yep, it failed spectacularly). Stuff like choosing to adopt (which is insanely expensive) when we had no money in the bank, or moving 10 times in 10 years (you read that right) or supporting me in three career changes, or, or, or… you get the idea. Through all of that, she still likes me, and we have fun together. We are great friends and love one another deeply. I want that for my kids.

Fulfilling Work

I love what I do, and I want my kids to love what they do too. I think a person can love their work in every field, from janitor to CEO and everything in between. I don’t believe that fulfilling work always means fun work or work that “helps” people. I think it means finding value in what you do and how you contribute to society.

A Sense of Belonging

I think a sense of belonging is critical for every person. I find belonging through my faith, my family, and the communities I belong to. I hope that my kids always have a sense of belonging within our family as they grow. Then, as they become adults, I hope that sense of belonging will be their foundation from which they can start their own families and communities.

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