Updates and one crazy week

I don’t believe in using the word busy, but if I did, it might apply to this week. It’s ballet dress rehearsal week, the first week of summer swim team, close to the last week of school, we have gymnastics, oh, and there is this thing I used to celebrate called a wedding anniversary (hey honey, I hope to see you in passing on Friday perhaps).

In the midst of all of this, I thought I might slow down and give a personal update. Here are a few things going on with me:

  1. Tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary. With 11 moves, five kids, starting three companies, 20+ chickens (over the years) and a few dogs along the way, I’d say we are doing pretty good. Plus, we still like to hang out, eat great food together and go on dates. To say I’m thankful for my wife is a tremendous understatement.
  2. 48in48 just completed three events within two weeks of each other. That means we did two events on one weekend, which was pretty epic! Before those events, I also had to travel to London for a week to speak at a conference and do some meetings.
  3. This week started my more intense training for my GORUCK Tough event. I’m doing this training program. A few highlights from this week:
    1. Day 1 was a half mile ruck carrying my rucksack (about 35 pounds) and a 60-pound sandbag.
    2. Day 2 was PT while wearing my rucksack, (pushups with a 35-pound ruck on are murder)
    3. Day 3 was today and was easy by comparison, a short 3-mile ruck with the weighted pack.
  4. My podcasts are growing
    1. Tech Talk Y’all got our first sponsor, and the ad was included in this weeks episode, which I’m told is a funny one (by my dad). Also, in July we are going to start producing the show weekly. Did I mention we have a producer now! The show is coming together!
    2. Good People Good Marketing is close to releasing our 50th episode (next week I think) helping digital marketers around the world with their marketing efforts.

Well, I think those are the big updates. Lots of fun projects and great adventures are happening and more to come!

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