I have an idea, and need your feedback

Ok, I have an idea and need feedback. Like, real, interactive feedback.

The quick pitch.

I’m considering doing a little YouTube / Instagram Stories show called The Family Man Entrepreneur. Basically, I would just shoot quick, short videos about how I manage being a family man first, but also running companies and other ventures. The goal of the show will be to encourage other people to balance family and entrepreneurship.

The longer pitch.

I’m a husband and father of five. I run two growing companies (Sideways8 & 48in48), have two podcasts (Tech Talk Y’all & Good People, Good Marketing), and actively write on my blog (here of course). I’m also training for an endurance event. 95% of my work days end at 5pm and I don’t work weekends. People often think I’m crazy for having so many kids and so many projects, but it just works for me. And often people ask me how I manage it all.

So, the show, The Family Man Entrepreneur, will explore what it all looks like. I will show the messiness of my life, but also how I manage my companies, family and myself. It will seek to be completely authentic, and a somewhat unedited and rough in the production approach.

I will also be seeking to dispell the idea that to be an entrepreneur you have to neglect your family. That is just not true.

Where I need your help.

Do you like this idea? Would you watch? How can I make this idea better to help more people? Or, am I just totally nuts?

Ok, and… go!

Photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash