Reps Over Results

In marketing, reps are often more important than results. We should be results-oriented; the problem is that we are often results-oriented over too short a time horizon. Let’s say we decide it’s a good strategy to grow a YouTube channel. If we make one video and don’t get the result of subscribers, should we quit? Of course not. What if we make five videos, or ten, or fifty?

In his book Million Dollar Weekend, Noah Kagan recommends putting in 100 reps before looking for significant results. This is smart for two reasons. 100 reps is enough to get good at something AND gain traction over time.

Our problem in marketing is often that we are impatient. We get an idea or devise a strategy, move forward, put in half the reps we should, and then bail on it when we don’t see results. Marketing is about testing ideas, yes, but it’s also about sticking with the good ideas long enough to see them work.

What will you do 100 reps of next?

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