About Me

I’m a dad of four. That makes me a number of things, but among them are adventurous, a little bit crazy, and often tired. My wife Jessica and I have three biological children (two girls and a boy) and one adopted son (from China).

When people ask why four, I usually say one of a few things. The first is usually, why not? The second is that I need some sort of retirement plan (only half kidding). But seriously, we wanted a big family and are starting to feel like we have one, so it works for us.

In addition to being a dad of four I also have one of those job thingies, apparently kids like to eat, who knew? I work as the managing partner of a small (but awesome) web company, Sideways8. I work from home, which I think takes me from being the slightly odd dad of four to the completely nuts dad of four that dares to work from home. I like to think of myself at adventurous rather than nuts, but either shoe is likely to fit I suppose.

My life’s a journey, always has been. From starting a non-profit ministry in high school to moving 10 times in 9 years with my very patient wife, to planting a church and the church failing, to having three awesome biological kids, and now to adopting our son from China. My life has always been an journey, and I think an interesting one, so I figure I’ll write about the aspect of my life that matters most, being a husband and father.

  • I’m a son
  • I’m a husband
  • I’m a biological dad
  • I’m an adoption dad
  • I’m a recovering kid (adult)
  • This is my adventure. I hope you enjoy it.