How to use a podcast to ramp up your marketing efforts

How to use a podcast to ramp up your marketing efforts by adamjwalker

Tools to help create your podcast & marketing materials

  • Zoom – the free version will allow you to record audio on separate tracks and capture video as well.
  • – a great, free, podcast hosting service. You can also do some light audio editing right within their web or phone app.
  • Cavna – great for creating graphics and video intros and outros.
  • Remix by Buffer – a good app for creating quick social graphics.
  • Temi – for transcribing your podcast to create long-form copy to put on your website.
  • Meme Generator – to generate quick memes that you can share on social.
  • Headliner – to create short social movies with a nice waveform overlay.
  • Hootsuite – for pre-scheduling social posts to save time.
  • Restream – to live stream pre-recorded videos (like your full podcast interview) to multiple platforms at once.
  • Giphy – to find quick gifs to give your social posts more flavor.

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