When You are Right, You are Right

Christmas with my family last weekend was amusing to say the least. My Uncle, Aunt, and Dad bought my grandparents a 50 inch Plasma TV for Christmas. I have to admit, I thought it was a bit extravagant at first, but then thinking about my grandparents deteriorating eye site, it seemed reasonable. Anyway, the amusing part was my uncle “rigging” my grandparents TV cabinet (originally designed to hold a TV half that size) to hold this enormous TV.

My Uncle proceeded to build some infrastructure (if you could call it that) screwed to the inside of the TV cabinet and then created a “wall” of studs just inside of the cabinet opening for the TV wall bracket to attach to. Now, notice I said WALL BRACKET, not bracket that is rigged inside of an existing old TV cabinet. So, needless to say, there were some nay sayers, or which I was one.

This seemed like a preposterous idea, with an end result being either the TV falling off as this “infrastructure” ripped out of the TV cabinet, or with the entire TV cabinet falling over. As the “construction” continued several people (not me) tried to talk my uncle into a different course of action. Some suggested furniture rearrangement, others suggesting more construction heavy alternatives. Even his wife and kids (who are adults) tried to talk him out of it. His response was brilliant, we will finish this, and then if this doesn’t work, we’ll see…

So, as you might imagine, the construction comes to an end, the wall bracket is mounted to it’s makeshift wood holder, and the TV is hung on the bracket and… it worked. It actually worked. It worked like my uncle said it would and like everyone else in the room thought it wouldn’t. And, to make things even worse for the 95% of the room that was wrong, it didn’t even look bad, it was sort of… cool looking.

So, I tell this story to illustrate one thing, when you are right, you are right, and you have to see it through to the end no matter what anyone says. So, if you are certain you are right (not in a hard headed, prideful way) then stick with it and show everyone that your idea will work. You will find that those nay sayers will quickly become fans, as our entire family had to admit we were wrong and that we actually liked this “revised” TV cabinet.

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