Failing for the Future

Innovators are risk takers and most of them are past failures. Something that continually perplexes me is how people want to get ahead, want to push the limits, and they always seem to want to do it while staying safe and keeping everything in their world in perfect order. It rarely works.

If you are someone that wants a wildly successful future, in anything, then you also have to be willing to be a failure in the present. Because, when you try new and innovative things, chances are you will fail more often than you succeed. At first that may seem depressing, but you also have to realize that failures don’t last long, they will be forgotten quickly by you and most everyone else. However, success will last, making all of the failure leading up to it more than worth it.

I am willing to fail for the future and will continue to put myself out there and push limits in order to do new things and to succeed. I hope you that you will be willing to fail for your future too.

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