Good Habits that turn bad?

I read an interesting post on Lifehacker called “Five ‘Good Habits’ You need to Unlearn” which got me to thinking, are there good habits that I have that can also be bad for me or my company? Here are a few good habits that I  know I need to be careful about.

  1. Being overly optimistic. While this is a great habit in general, when quoting the number of hours that it will take our team to complete a project, this habit can be a horrible evil. I have under estimated far too many projects because of optimism.
  2. Working hard. While working hard is good, working too hard is bad, and finding that fine line between the two is tough.
  3. Believing the best in people. I have talked and written about this one a lot, and I’m pretty hard core about it. I think that giving people the benefit of the doubt is really important. But, sometimes because I’m so serious about this I can also totally overlook people’s shortcomings and even ill intentions.
  4. Being obsessively productive. I’ve been all about productivity for years now. I’m a GTD kind of guy and have worked hard to put good systems in place so that I’m very productive. However, the flip side of being obsessively productive is that I forget to take the time to just sit and do nothing.

Any good habits that you want to add to the list?

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