Good or bad? It’s hard to tell.

March 4, 2023

Getting fired is bad right? Maybe. Landing that dream job is great, right? Maybe. It’s hard to tell what something will lead to. I’ve been…

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No two journeys are the same

February 12, 2023

Note that, as you improve, you may be tempted to demand the same from other people. Refrain from that urge. Instead, keep the standard you…

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The thought that made me love cleaning

February 5, 2023

For most of my adult life, I have loved having a clean space but hated cleaning. Sometimes this tension meant I would avoid cleaning for…

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What we can’t do

January 28, 2023

Have you ever found that you can’t do something simple? Or, more accurately, that you can’t bring yourself to do it consistently? As I look…

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What we can’t see

January 20, 2023

When I started my first agency, we had a client I didn’t love. He was a nice guy, and I liked his work, but I…

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