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Embrace the Suck

May 21, 2019

When my alarm went off this morning, I didn’t want to get up. I texted my workout partner, saying, “I am strongly considering trading sprint…

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Crushing Busyness – Part 3 – Do Less Stuff

May 13, 2019

How much of what you do in a day is effective? All of us have daily tasks, meetings, habits, calls, etc., that aren’t moving the…

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Crushing Busyness – Part 2 – Rethink Your Defaults

May 6, 2019

Do you think about your defaults? These are your automated systems and responses that come up over and over. For example, when someone says, “how…

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Crushing Busyness – Part 1 – Change Your Perspective

April 24, 2019

I recently wrote that busyness isn’t real. It’s a mental state that seeps into our lives, filling the gaps of free time and inundating us…

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Busyness isn’t real

March 6, 2019

When I was single I was busy; then I got married. When I was first married I was busy; then I had a child. When…

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