My Theory on Early Risers and Night Owls

My theory on early risers and night owls is simple, they don’t exist. Of course I don’t mean the people themselves, but the categories that people put on themselves. I often talk about my desire and practice of getting up early (5:30am) and getting my day started early, and I very often hear something like, “oh I could never do that, I’m a night owl.” Well, truth be told, I used to be a “night owl”, until I realized that mornings are more productive and I retrained myself to get up early.

You are the habits that you put into place. If you start your second round of daily work at 9pm and also expect to get up at 5am, I’m guessing that you are going to miss the mark somewhere. But, if you choose one or the other you can become productive by working at night and sleeping in tomorrow, or by going to bed early and getting started early the next day. I know of no one that can do both for a sustained period and actually remain productive.

Its true, some people have trouble getting up early. In fact, I’m one of those people. But, I still choose to get up early in order to be as productive as I can be for that day. Its difficult, but there are ways to train yourself and strategies to help you overcome that insanely strong desire to stay in bed.

You may be wondering about those strategies to get out of bed and why I believe mornings are more productive… Well, those will be the topics of a posts soon to come… Stay tuned.

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