Saying no to yourself

Let’s face it, you don’t like the idea of saying no to yourself. We would all rather be comfy and happy and do whatever we want all the time, right? But that’s not possible or productive. If we are honest, usually the things that we really want require some degree of self-discipline in order to attain them, which means saying no to ourselves.

For example, I want to be able to run more than a mile without feeling like I’m dying. The process to get to that point will require a decent amount of self-discipline and saying no to sitting my recliner. So the question is, how do you say no to yourself?

I believe that your ability to say no to yourself is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the easier it will become. That way, when you end up in a situation where the stakes are high and the right answer to yourself is a resounding “NO!” it will be easier to say.

I suggest starting with something small, like saying no to that next cup of coffee (opt for water) or no to dessert. That level of no will become easier and easier, then as your decisions are more important saying no to yourself will become easier.

Usually, the most important “no” of the day is the one I say to myself.

photo credit: Walk! DON’T run to the beach. via photopin (license)

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