5 Things I won’t post on Facebook and why

I have a love and hate relationship with Facebook, like most I assume. On the one hand, I love keeping up with friends and family. I love finding funny stuff that people post and great news stories. I also hate reading some of the things that people post.

I try to be intentional about what I post, and what I don’t. Here are 5 things I won’t post on Facebook, and why.

  1. Rants. No one likes a hater. I hate it when my friends rant about things on Facebook, even if I agree with them.
  2. Overly religious stuff. No need to ostracize my friends with differing beliefs. My friends know where I stand and my passion for my faith.
  3. Self-absorbed posts. If a get something new and shiny that’s great, but I don’t want to show it off (with minor exceptions, like a thoughtful gift from my wife).
  4. Short, strong opinions on complex subjects. Like politics. No politician is truly an idiot and just because I disagree with their ideology on a subject (that they have taken much more time to understand than I have) doesn’t mean I should call them names.
  5. Memes without exclamation points. Because every meme should be exciting! 😉

photo credit: Spyglass via photopin (license)

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