5 things I’m trying, to feel less busy

I’m convinced that Americans have an addiction to busyness, but aren’t that busy. The problem is that we feel busy all the time, even if it’s not true. So here are five things I’m trying to feel less busy throughout the day.

  1. I don’t say I’m busy. That used to be my default answer when someone asked how I was. I would say, “busy like always” and they would respond with something like “yeah, me too.” But now, I don’t believe I’m busy, so I don’t say it, and that is freeing.
  2. I resist the urge to be on a device during down time. I used to pull out my phone every time there was a free five seconds to check news, email, whatever. There is beauty in not pulling out my phone and just taking in the moment and enjoying rest.
  3. I have a routine. Every morning I have the same routine that involves some personal stuff and some work related stuff. I have created habits in that routine to help me get a lot done and I just knock it out.
  4. I have a reasonable To Do list. Having a To Do list with 50 things on it at the start of each day is depressing and makes me feel anxious, super busy and way behind. Starting the day with a To Do list that can be accomplished is the opposite, so I begin the day feeling ahead.
  5. I am intentional with my time. Family time is family time, period. With work, I am intentional not to be mastered by email or by meetings. I know what I need to do, what is most important for that day and focus on that over the small stuff. It sounds easy, but email is a terrible master to shake!

Are there any things that you do to feel less busy?

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