Day 48 of Habit Setting – What I’ve learned so far

48 days ago I decided I wanted to be more productive and create better habits for myself. So far in the journey, I have had success and failure, and I have learned a lot about myself. Here are a few of the top things I have learned.

  • Accountability is key. I wouldn’t get up at 5am if there weren’t two guys expecting a text from me saying “I’m up” or “up and Adam” (yes, I sent that one). Knowing that another person that I respect is expecting me to get up helps me overcome the joyous, warm comfort of my bed and step into the chill of the morning (I know, a bit dramatic, but you get it).
  • Giving yourself the optional out is an important motivator. There are many mornings that I begrudgingly get out of bed with one thought, “I’m giving it 45 minutes and then going back to bed.” 90% of the time I don’t, but knowing there is a possibility helps motivate me.
  • Find friends that share a passion for the habit you are setting. One of the habits I decided to create was to write blog posts five times a week. That’s a tall order. Having a good friend that is also passionate about blogging has helped keep me motivated.
  • It’s ok to fail. Failing is a part of setting a new habit or doing anything new. It’s ok to fail, expect it, then move past it and keep going.
  • The, don’t break the streak, method for habit setting is a great one. The idea is to keep score of how many days in a row you can do a new habit. At some point along the way, you have a great streak going that you don’t want to break. For example, I just finished day 42 of getting up at 5 am every day. So tomorrow when I wake up, one of the things motivating me is to be sure that I keep that streak going.
  • Habit setting is about payoff. If the habits you are setting have a tangible payoff it makes it a lot easier to accomplish. So find a way to reward yourself each time.
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