It takes me 6 minutes to brew a cup of coffee and I like it

You read that right, making my morning cup of coffee takes me around six minutes, and I like it that way. First, let’s talk about why it takes so long. I like a good cup of coffee, which is the dangerous road that led me here. After many years and a variety of coffee brewing methods, I finally landed on the pour over method as my favorite. And, not just any pour over method, but using a Kalita.

My coffee brewing process

  • Start heating up filtered water on the stove.
  • Weigh out 20 grams of coffee beans (yes I have a scale for this, don’t judge me).
  • Grind those beans using my manual grinder. I have a manual burr grinder for two reasons, it’s a lot cheaper, and I enjoy turning the crank to grind the beans. There is something freeing about a manual process (I should blog about that soon).
  • Prep the Kalita by putting in the filter.
  • Once the water is the right temp, pour some water into the empty filter to make sure my coffee doesn’t taste like paper.
  • Dump out the water.
  • Put in the ground beans.
  • Begin my slow pour until I have poured 320ml of water.
  • Let all the water drain through.
  • Enjoy my amazing coffee with a feeling of satisfaction.

Why I like taking six minutes to brew my coffee

  • I tend to work on stuff for a while before making my first cup of coffee. I get up at 5am and don’t have my coffee until around 6am or later. So taking six minutes to make it is a nice break and gives me time to think and reflect.
  • I enjoy the coffee more because I have taken the time to craft it to perfection.
  • In a world of increasing automation, there is something beautiful about a manual process.
  • It forces me to slow down and be more deliberate.
  • My coffee tastes great, which is the point I suppose.
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