Apps I’m trying out this week

I love to discover new and useful tools on my iPhone and iPad. So, from time to time I will search around the App Store and look for new apps to check out to see what I can find. Here are a few apps I came across this weekend that I’m trying out:

Nextdoor – this is a social media network that is only for you and your immediate neighbors. I signed up, was assigned to a neighborhood based on my data (I had to prove where I live), and now I can interact with people from my community. Being on there briefly, I found out about a Boy Scout pine straw sale, a Girl Scout cookie sale and a lost dog or two. I think this app may be useful as it grows.

Mindly – This is a mind mapping tool that works great on my iPhone. I haven’t used it extensively yet, but so far I’m impressed with its usability and features.

Hours – This is a time tracker app. I’m using it to track how long I write and how much time I spend working on sales, things like that. So far I’m impressed with its ease of use.

Do – This is an app that is supposed to help you run better and more productive meetings. Since I haven’t used it yet, it’s hard to know how effective it will be. So far the features I like about it are:

  • It shows me what percentage of the day’s meetings are complete
  • It shows how much time I have free during the day for other work
  • I have the ability to send a quick “I’m running late” email (or other short email) to all participants

What Apps are you trying out this week?