3 things I’ve learned from posting hat-selfies

I’m a hat guy, no surprise there. Specifically, I like fedoras. So a few weeks ago I started posting “hat-selfies” which are just selfies of the hat I’m wearing that day that also show the location I’m at in some way. I do my best to make the photos interesting, artistic and showcase more than just me. Here are three things I’ve learned from posting hat-selfies.

  1. There is beauty all around me. Rich Mullins used to say, “There’s so much beauty around us and just two eyes to see.” I feel like I’m starting to better understand that idea. There are interesting photos everywhere; I just have to look for them.
  2. People like unique perspectives. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they like my hat pictures. Most of them tell me in person, some comment, but I have gotten a better response from this little project than any other one.
  3. Most things worth doing take thought and intentionality. Taking a hat selfie may seem easy, but it’s not always. Some days I have to think through what to post, considering what moment best encapsulates my day and how to capture it. But the thought and consideration pay off.
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