I’m ok with being wrong

It’s ok to be wrong. It’s not something we talk about much, but we are all wrong from time to time, or more. Our startup and entrepreneur culture in America is interesting to me. It’s commonplace to talk about how you can’t succeed without failing, and entrepreneurs take big risks knowing that failure is an option. But, it seems like being wrong about something is more of a stigma.

I confess, I’m wrong a lot, it’s part of how I learn and grow as a person and entrepreneur. Sometimes I have a hunch and go with it, and that turns out to be wrong. Sometimes I have an opinion about how to go about a project and on talking through it with my team realize I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m talking with my wife about how I have handled one of our kid’s behavioral issues and realize I handled it wrong.

My goal is not to be right all the time, that’s not possible, but rather to recognize when I’m wrong quickly and fix it. I figure, if you are going to be wrong, be wrong for the shortest amount of time possible. I’m ok with being wrong, because once I realize I am, I can fix it and move on to better things.