Great marketing requires making an offer they can’t refuse

February 19, 2024

Great marketing requires making an offer they can’t refuse. Insert obligatory Godfather reference here that people under 35 won’t get (unless they have amazing taste…

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Marketing is too complex, let’s fix it

November 28, 2023

Do you know how many marketing tools there are? Thousands. Yep, there are thousands of tools to accomplish the one thing marketing promises: increase revenue.…

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Stop having meetings for the wrong reasons

June 16, 2022

I’ve been in a lot of meetings. Some have been great, most have been boring, and too many have been pointless and bordering on disaster.…

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A plan is better than auto-pilot

March 19, 2022

I finished reading The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose by Chris Wilson. It’s one of the most inspiring books…

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The one thing leaders can do to create more trust with their team

February 12, 2022

I recently wrote that we are having the wrong conversation about work. Remote work is never going away for knowledge workers, so we should be talking…

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