“I have a bad memory” – I refuse to ever say that again

August 22, 2017

It happened again in embarrassing fashion. I was in a social situation on Sunday with someone I had met several times. It was just him…

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The importance of being known

August 8, 2017

When I was in college, I didn’t know my professors. I was the kid that would sit in the back of the class, half listen…

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My 7 year old thinks Walmart is mean. Impressions are hard to shake.

July 27, 2017

Over a year ago my seven-year-old daughter (who was six then) went with her granny to Walmart to buy towels. The towels were marked on…

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The Power of a Predetermined Decision

June 30, 2017

Have you ever had a door to door salesperson pop up at your door at just the wrong moment? And, worse than that, the person…

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How I became a raving fan of a septic tank company

May 27, 2017

Having your septic tank pumped is a miserable experience. You know you need to do it, but then you don’t want to do it because…

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