Don’t miss the beauty in front of you

Last week I was in New York City working to bring 48in48 to that city. It was early, and I had just gotten off the F Line train and walked down the road a half mile to attend a meeting about space for our event. I was running a few minutes early (always my goal), and I happened to notice a walking area that went by the river, so I headed that way. The view on the water with the skyline as a backdrop was amazing. But, what captured the moment was the Brooklyn bridge stretching across the water. That was the best view I had during my trip to New York, and I almost missed it by stepping into my meeting early to catch up on email or hopping on Twitter, or (insert time suck here).

I am convinced there are moments like this every day. Moments when we can look up and recognize something beautiful, even awe-inspiring, if we will just look around. The list of things that inspire this kind of awe is everywhere, children, nature, buildings, a good cup of coffee, the smile of someone you love. I hope you will take the time to enjoy the beauty in front of you today, that is my goal as well.

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