Thoughts on being present

I’m all about automation. More than that, I love creating habits that help me to get things done without even really having to think about them. This type of habit building is becoming more and more common, as evidenced by productive people with a personal uniform so that they don’t have to decide what to wear each day, etc. But, as much as I love automation for the sake of productivity, there is a balance that must happen between automation and being present in the moment.

I have five kids and, more often than I care to admit, I look up from a screen to engage with them. It’s funny how careful we are with our kids not having too much screen time only to spend more time than we should on a screen.

I want to be a person that is present in the moment and engaged with my surroundings. I want to focus on really listening when someone is talking, making them feel like the only person in the room with me. I want to be present, without being lost in my screen. This will make me better in every area of my life.

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