Your impact is bigger than you think

Recently I had lunch with a friend/mentor that I connect with about once a year to catch up and get advice. As we were sitting there, he said, “I owe you a debt of gratitude.” It surprised me because I there is little I can offer this guy. He is more successful than I am, more connected than I am and further along in life than I am. He went on to tell me about a book that I had recommended for him to check out and how it had impacted his life, and he was thankful that I had recommended it.

Then, the other day, a friend asked me out of the blue about a habit I had told him about several months ago. I confessed that I had not been doing as well at the habit as I would like. He encouraged me and told me that he had implemented that same habit with his family, and it was working great for him. Sharing my journey (and habit) had helped him as well!

I write all this to point out that often we do things like blogging, or having a coffee meeting, or a phone call with a friend and think that those are mundane tasks that don’t change the world. But, they do! It’s in our day to day interactions that we help one another, share struggles and victories, make book recommendations and help each other grow into better people.

Your impact is bigger than you think.