Usually your limits are in your mind

I’m listening to the book Total Recall on Audible right now. It’s the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m still in the first part of the book that is mostly about his body building career. In there he tells an interesting story about how when he was trying to build up his calf muscles he would work out his calves with 300lbs, thinking he must be pushing the limit of the human body at that weight. Then, he went to work out with a friend, and that guy was doing the same exercise with 1,000lbs. Arnold concludes that the limit was in his mind, and it was.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and considering my limits. I have never been able to run far or for extended periods of time. I do get up early, but it’s a continual struggle. I write, but not as often as I would like. I’m limited by my body, my ability, my talents, my leadership. But, am I? That’s the question. Am I as limited as I think I am?

Before this morning I would never have gotten up early and walked right out the door for a run. I have been convinced for years that I can only do that sort of thing a few hours after a solid meal so that I don’t run out of energy and end up passed out on the road (small exaggeration). Last night I decided that limit is in my head. I got up this morning at 4:35 am (later than I intended to get up) and went for a run (walk). I went for over 4 miles, which is about twice as long as the last time I ran. I ran, I didn’t fall over onto the road from exhaustion, and feel great as I site to write this (though I still haven’t had my morning coffee). The limit was in my head.

I wonder what other limits I’m imposing on myself that are holding me back. I’m making it my goal to find out.

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