I fight for my tribe

My tribe is my people. My family, friends, and co-workers that form my inner circle. These are the people that get most of my attention and time. These are the people I’m with in the trenches and on the mountain top. And, if anyone messes with these people, I’m ready for a fight.

Not much offends me or insults me, but if you insult my tribe, we are going toe to toe. I remember the first time I fought for my wife. We were engaged, and she had gone wedding dress shopping. The woman that helped her that day was rude and just ugly to her. She told me about it, and it was on. I called the store manager, and we had a nice little talk about her employee’s attitude.

Yesterday was another incident. Someone emailed one of my tribe making some unkind comments that were a little offensive. I asked that person not to respond, and I took care of it. I let the offending individual know that I didn’t appreciate the lack of professionalism and that in the organizations that I manage we don’t work with people that treat us like that. I was kind but firm. We don’t put up with that crap, ever.

I think all leaders must fight for their tribe. It’s how we show them that we are a team. It’s how we show that we care as a leader. If someone messes with your tribe, you better be ready to fight.

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