Why I never lead from a place of fear

I feel like fear is all over the news right now. Unfortunately, it also seems that decisions are being made for our country based upon fear as well. I don’t write about politics, but as I have thought about all of this, I have begun to think through why I never want to lead from a place of fear. Here is a bit of my thinking.

  • Fear is, by its nature, reactive. That’s the whole point of fear, to cause you to react. It’s fight or flight; both are reactions.
  • Fear limits your focus so that you cannot see all of the options before you. Fear gives tunnel vision, so you are making decisions with more limited criteria and input.
  • Fear makes you focus on yourself and put yourself first. When threatened a person has a heightened sense of self, it’s a part of survival. Leading from fear means leading selfishly.
  • Fear forces a quick decision; it necessitates action. But, often quick decisions aren’t the best ones.
  • Fear often overrides love. Enough said.

I do realize that not all current governmental decisions are solely based on fear. However, fear is a clear undercurrent that concerns me. My hope is that my family, my company, my nonprofit, my church, my city, my state and my country will not be led by fear, but instead will seek love and wisdom.

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