3 Item Challenge – Day 30

I’m 30 days into my 3-item challenge and have several thoughts about the project.

  • Clearly, I have too much personal stuff. If I can get rid of 3 items a day for 30 days and it is pretty easy overall, that tells me something.
  • This tells me that my family also has too much stuff. There is stuff stored in one room of my basement that I haven’t touched in years. It’s time to go.
  • I like the idea that if an item doesn’t give me joy, it needs to go. Sometimes I hang onto something out of fear of losing it. That doesn’t make sense.
  • I have given a lot away and missed none of it.
  • Having less stuff makes my life better. My closet is cleaner, making it easier to find what I want.

I want to continue to pursue the idea of minimalism in my life. I’m not yet sure what that will mean or how it will play out, but I am sure that my time of hoarding junk that I don’t need is over.

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