Slowing down improves perspective

This morning I sat quietly for ten whole minutes. I know, crazy right? Who does that? It’s hard to sit and do nothing. But, it’s also amazing.

As I sat, coffee in hand and letting my mind wander, I was bombarded with the need to do. I thought about all the ways I could be productive in that moment. I could be writing, answering email, making breakfast, sleeping, etc. I could be DOING SOMETHING that mattered!

Then, I realized I was doing something that mattered; I was simply being. I was allowing myself to slow down, letting my mind spew all the junk and tangled trails of thought, clearing the path for improved perspective.

Once that mess of thoughts subsided, I felt more centered, focused, and had a clearer view of what mattered. Like fasting forces toxins to come out of the body, silence and solitude force the junk to come out of the mind.

Now, I’m ready for my day, and I hope to carry moments of reflection throughout it.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash


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