My New Gig and How I Got There

I Accepted a New Position at TechBridge

I’m excited to announce that I have taken a new position and am now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TechBridge. For those of you that don’t know, TechBridge is a nonprofit that works to end generational poverty through the use of technology. We work in the areas of homeless support, hunger relief, workforce development, and legal justice. In the same way that 48in48 seeks to improve a nonprofit’s marketing to help it do more good in the world, TechBridge aims to improve a nonprofit’s technology to help it make a more significant impact in those focus areas.

What About Dragon Army?

I still love Dragon Army, and Jeff and I are still very close. Nothing bad happened, and there is no backstory that I’m not telling. The reality is it was just time and what was best for Dragon Army and me. I was ready to change things up a bit. I had been in a sales role at Dragon Army for almost a year and had been responsible for sales for the ten years before that at Sideways8. Full-time sales can be exhausting, and having done that for so long; I was ready for something new.

Fortunately, when the opportunity at TechBridge came along, Dragon Army was kind enough to support me going in the direction. Thanks to the team at Dragon Army for being so supportive! 


Jeff and I are also still working to grow 48in48. Like many nonprofits, 48in48 has had to scale back a bit this year. I’m confident we will come back stronger than ever! I’m volunteering with the staff and committees, helping with planning and support. It’s great to be a part of the team doing that important work.

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