Planning to be wrong is a good way to be more right

Welcome to being wrong

We are all wrong. From time to time, or all the time, being wrong is inevitable, and it doesn’t have to be bad. There is a stigma to being wrong that isn’t necessary.

Being wrong is human and an opportunity for growth, improvement, and learning. Being wrong opens the door toward being more right, not entirely right, but at least coming closer to the truth.

The moment we are wrong is one of those rare, beautiful moments in life when we can improve in an instant simply by admitting that we were wrong. That admission instantly levels us up, making us better, and helping us to learn how to be even better the next time.

Planning to be wrong

Being wrong has value for leaders. So, the best leaders plan to be wrong and know how to grow from it. Planning to be wrong isn’t about hoping you will be, but about recognizing there will be times you will be wrong and having a plan for how to deal with it.

What will you do when someone that leads you says you are wrong? What about when someone you lead tells you? If you are a naturally defensive person, this plan may look like taking a moment to be quiet and take a beat to consider things. Or, if you are a naturally passive person, your plan may be to consider the ways you should stand up for yourself. It’s helpful to know your tendencies ahead of time and make a plan to seek the truth in spite of or in light of those tendencies.

Planning to be wrong is just a way of remaining open to the possibility that you may be wrong or that someone else may have a better idea.