Always Bring Value

One of my goals in relationships, communications, and everything else is to always bring value. Our world is filled with junk, poor communication, and things that take from people. I don’t want to be a taker; I want to be a giver.

I believe that there is an opportunity to bring value in every situation. Suppose I’m emailing someone to ask a question. In that case, I give them a lot of context about the question so they can answer without having to look something up or ask me a question to answer my question. If I’m talking to a friend, I try to ask what I can do to be helpful to them and let them know I appreciate them. At my son’s tee-ball game, I chat with the umpire, ask about her day, and show her some kindness (she deals with angry parents enough).

Bringing value doesn’t diminish me; it’s the opposite. Bringing value to someone else benefits me too. Taking that extra moment in crafting a great email or speaking to a stranger that looks down brings value to them and brightens my day.

Bringing value isn’t difficult either; it just takes a moment. One moment to be thoughtful. One moment to craft that communication to make the response easier. One moment to say thank you, leave a comment, forward an encouragement, text a friend, or hug someone. One small moment today can make a big difference.

What value will you create for someone else today?