5 reasons your marketer isn’t getting results

Marketing should lead to results. But it often doesn’t. I’ve often seen it with younger marketers in smaller companies, working very hard but only progressing a little.

CEOs, here are five reasons your marketer isn’t getting results.

  1. Too many meetings. If your marketer spends all their time in meetings and has no time to think or create, they can’t market.
  2. Too much direction. CEOs have many ideas and share them openly with their team. This often leads marketers toward working on many projects simultaneously, with no focus or traction.
  3. Too many goals. If you have a small marketing team trying to dominate in SEO, Social Media, and email, they are destined to fail. Pick a lane and own it.
  4. Too much complexity. Marketing should start simple, prove effectiveness, and build.
  5. Too little leadership. Many younger marketers need leadership in time management and focus. If you don’t have time to lead them, get someone who does.
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