Thinking on Honor

Disclaimer: I’m a nerd…

As a kid I used to love watching Star Trek the Next Generation with my dad (see above disclaimer). I loved the stories, action, and adventure. One of my favorite characters was Worf, because he was always all about living with honor. I loved his character because he would often want to go into a fight where he was the overwhelming underdog because it was the honorable thing to do, even though he was sure to lose!

It seems to me that we live in a culture where honor takes a back seat to self. More and more I notice men leaving their wives because they think that they will be happier elsewhere, putting their (short term) happiness ahead of the honor of living as a faithful husband (which will inevitably lead to more happiness in the long run, but this post is not about that in particular). I notice people taking the short term “quick fix” rather than accepting the challenge and honor of staying in a fight that is worth fighting.

That which is easy and satisfies quickly in the short term is often not the most honorable choice.

So, I choose to live a life that will not confuse honor with ease. I will fight for the things that matter and that are worth fighting for, even when entering that fight means I will surely lose. I will do this because I would rather die as a man with honor than live as a selfish coward.

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