Enjoying Moments

Last week was busy. I mean really busy. The kind of busy that at the end of the week you look back at the week behind you and wonder where the time went and what you really got accomplished. Last Friday I had been up working early, then off at a meeting all morning and hadn’t seen the kids yet. When I got home from my meeting with my arms full of stuff and my head overflowing with what I needed to get done for the day I stumbled through the door and was met by my children¬†exclaiming in unison “Daddy!”. At that moment the meetings didn’t matter, the phone call I had to make didn’t matter, my mile long task list didn’t matter, what mattered were those smiling faces and taking the time to enjoy that moment.

So today, as I reflect on how busy my life can become, I want to always remind myself to enjoy great moments like this one. Life is made up moment by moment, minute by minute. I would hate to miss the awesome things happening today just because I know tomorrow is coming.

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